Part 6-Love Letters to Life

Dear Life,

So, I’m 375 months old today and if I’m lucky, I’ll make it 375 months more.

Whether I do or I don’t is really of no worry to me, for my heart and soul is in today,
The now, the present.

It has not always been easy,
stormy days I have surely seen,
but these Irish eyes are always green.
Flecked with gold upon the horizon,
your silver linings lead me home.


I’ve never had very far to go,
although along the way,
within moments of disconnect,
one can walk 360° into infinity.

Now I stand at the center of who I am,
with no regrets, apologies or bitterness.

I am all that is good, I am all that is bad
which only makes me human.

I have left the walk of shame behind
and with my head held high,
one tiny step at a time,
I will walk with confidence,
into the unknown, with all its possibilities.

I have lived with darkness,
which has allowed me to embrace the light
and although I cannot say I am fearless,
I can say I am courageous,
full of hope, wonder and faith.

Each new day is like unwrapping a beautiful gift,
of which I am beholden.


I may not always get what I want,
but I surely get what I need.

I am blessed to have learned, by now,
that with the key of gratitude,
all that I need becomes all that I want
and it makes it enough and more.

There are loving eyes all around me,
but the most important ones I see,
are those that are my very own,
staring back at me.

I see myself as bold and stong,
I know success comes from within.

I also know my fragility
and it’s that which sets me free.

Without the courage to be open and vulnerable,
I’d be left in desperate isolation…
away from the living
and the memories that should be made.

So while there might be hurt
and while there might be pain,
It’s well worth it all,
for that which might be gained.

So, here is hoping I have 375 months to go,
before I say goodbye,
but if today is it,
there is only one thing left to say…

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There are not enough thank yous,
for which I could express,
the deepest sense of gratitude,
and that of no regrets.

Forever Humble,
🍀The Crazy Celt 💚


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