I want to be the sunlight that shines gently upon your face. A golden hue that surrounds and secures you in knowing that I am with you.
Let the warmth embrace your body, mind and soul and know that I am apart of you.
I left you long ago, long before I had planned to go…
but I tell you, I am here.
Remember me and my love and devotion to you.
You were all I could see and you were my Universe, my all, my everything.
It was messy and there were many mistakes but my love for you never wavered or failed.
I will always be a guiding light, as you will be mine.
Two beacons of energy, each knowing the other exists.
Each loving the other and even though I am gone, I am right beside you….
And when you realize that I am only a whisper in your memory, we will be together forever….
In a place where we never, yet always existed anyway.

Written February 17, 2015


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