In Search of Puddles


We are preparing for a very wet weekend in the Central Valley of California and I couldn’t be more happy!
In part, it’s because, while on my regular Rocky Hill hike, I couldn’t believe that the south aspects of the foothills are already changing from green to brown.


I will miss the lush, green, rolling hills, as I do every summer. I will miss the snow capped Sierra Vista in the fading sunlight. I will miss the fresh, clean air and the smell of wildflowers on the hillside. I will miss the chill in the breeze and the smell of damp Earth.


I will miss the sweeping fog and the dancing clouds. I will miss playing hide and go seek with the sun and the warmth of his rays on my face as he finds his way through the gray. I will miss the unexpected sparkle of the sunlight as it hits a new stream of water flowing over the rocks.


I have so enjoyed the rain this year and all that comes with it. The wet, the mud, the fog, the pitter patter and the way the birds sing at intermissions. Rain is the life blood of the Earth….where it flows, there is life.


Rain breathes life into me and cleanses my soul and because I know there will not be many more rainy days, before summer claims her rightful months and the sun turns from sweet shyness to fiery confidence….
I will play. I will soak it all in. I will go in search of puddles and dance in the rain.


☔The Crazy Celt 💚


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