The Essentials (#2)

Stepping into the unknown was the single most freeing experience of her life.

They thought they had won by stripping her of everything, including her good name, but she could sleep at night. The truth was in her heart and was the strength of her foundation. That was something they could never take from her.

She was no stranger to heartbreak and could navigate the most difficult roads, but this betrayal was different. This betrayal was made by people she once respected and revered. There was no way to correct the damage. There was no way to rebuild the trust. It was shattered and lay in a million shards on the floor, never to be whole again. The bell had been rung and that could never be undone.

She had remained silent for so long, knowing it was the right thing to do. She had seen many examples of where arrogance and egos could lead. It changes the atmosphere to something toxic and harmful and she would not follow the miserable footsteps of her lynchmen. She had to remain on higher ground.

Her time would come, but until then she knew she had to take care of herself…and so she did and the minutes ticked into hours that rolled into days and months. All the while she nurtured her own spirit and practiced patience and faith. Rather than drowning in tears and resentment, she took this as an opportunity to grow in profundity.

At times along the way, she couldn’t help but want to pinch herself to see if she was in reality. It had all seemed like a grotesque nightmare. One that plays on a loop, over and over again.

They must have assumed that she would shrink into the darkness, but that only confirmed how little they knew about her.
They had no idea of the atrocities she had seen and the abuse she had endured. They chose not to see that deep inside her was an unimaginable strength which had been gleaned through difficult experiences, over the course of her life. Strength that was firmly planted in faith.

For her, it was no longer about “winning” in the ordinary way. It was about exposing the truth and the seed of ugliness that lay in the hearts of men who were supposed to be leaders.

She had nothing to lose and had everything that was essential for the battle ahead. God knows she had learned how to make due with very little and it only strengthened her resiliency.

“I have all that I need. I have all that is essential. ”

It was mantras such as this that had carried her to victory in the past and this would be no different. There was no failure in her future. Only hope for brighter days.

My Heart on a Platter
🍀The Crazy Celt 💚


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