While I believe in the power of positive thinking I also believe that denying negative energy, sadness and pain is more damaging than allowing yourself to feel all that darkness.
I can just hear all the “rainbow heart” people shreaking over their cups of coffee, or the people of “real faith” looking down their sharp noses which extends to the long pointing, boney finger, saying; “If you were a person of “real faith” you wouldn’t feel negative burdens.”
RELAX rainbow heart and real faith people, it’s really as simple as this….
Just as life springs from the dormancy of winter or the bright morning sun allows us to know we will not always live in the dark, so it is with pain and elation (unless you suffer from chronic pain, like me, but I’ll save that subject for another day).

Whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual pain you suffer from, it demands to be felt. Similar to a smoke detector demanding to be heard and unfortunately, if you deny either one, you’re bound to suffer far worse consequences. Pain is like a gauge in a car, alerting you to areas that need attention. Sometimes it’s a quick fix, like fueling up but sometimes you may need to stop immediately, do a quick assessment and find a professional to help you do the hard work. Either way, the point is, IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY all the time.

So many of us are so disconnected from ourselves that we don’t even know when we need to take a break and do some self care but trust me, it’s only a matter of time till the pain builds to overwhelming pressure levels that it will make itself known. Thankfully the human body, mind and spirit is resilient but as with anything, sooner or later, somethings got to give.

What does denial look like, you ask?
Work too much…denial
Drink too much…denial
Eat too much…denial
Exercise or spend too much….denial
Keeping up with the Jones too much…you got it…denial
Any time there is a “too much” at the end, it’s possibly a form of denial. It’s worth looking at anyway.

I suppose I wrote this because I am or was that “special” kind of person that, at times, would not only deny my pain but would then tie myself to the whipping post and beat myself up for being so negative and denying it, then realizing it, would tie myself to the whipping post again.
Ugh! All that energy expended for the cycle to just begin again.
It is so much easier to FEEL the pain! Welcome it in as a friend, get to know it and understand it, always being mindful not to romanticize it.

I’ve found, that providing the pain just a little bit of attention, usually allows it to feel heard enough that it drifts away like the fog drifting back out to sea, when the sunlight has warmed it enough. Sure, it will most likely come back but with a little love, attention and self care, it will again, subside.

Like I said, I’m all for positive thinking but I’m also for not shrinking the very darkness, which resides in all of us, that will lead us more fully to the light. When you can embrace your darkness, you no longer need to fear it or deny it. It deserves a home in you as much as the light does.

On a “ha, ha” note: if you fall down the stairs and think it’s “positive” to think how fast you fell….THAT may be a form of denial and you DEFINITELY need your head examined! 😉

♈The Crazy Celt💚


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