Your Beautiful Storms

Part 2-Love Letters to Life
(…and all the things I’ve been meaning to say for the last 45 years. )



Dear Life,

Although not all of your storms are beautiful, I’ve come to realize that they are necessary…even when I can’t understand why.
It has taken me years to come to terms with the fact that much of what seems peaceful or chaotic around me is ultimately a mirror image of what is going on inside of me. To find peace in a restless heart is to find peace in a restless world and just like a mirror reflecting a mirror, the image becomes infinite.
The consequences of our thoughts and actions echo, like ripples on the water, long after the life it took place in.

It remains a mystery to me why I’ve been so thick at times along the way. I suppose the truth is that you, my friend, are far from black and white. You come in every shade, complete with contrast and textures and just when a lesson becomes clear, the image changes, ever so slightly and I’m lost in the storm again. I guess sometimes it’s not about making the right decision, it’s about making the decision right.

Unfortunately, I’ve encountered several deadly storms along the way and when you’re in it, the way out is often unclear. Letting go of pride and reaching out for help were among the many lessons in those stormfronts.
This is where the Union Break I mentioned in my first letter would come in handy….
Just saying.
Thankfully, I love to dance in the rain and I can find such joy in the light that does penetrate the stormiest of skies.

Yes Life, I would definitely say you are a bit twisted, at the very least. It takes the opposite of your every attribute to effectively understand your bestowal.
For example; you gift those of us brave enough to taste, live and love you with such passion, yet that can only be marked and measured by the grief that betrays those very same experiences when those we’ve shared them with have come to pass. Will we always rely on opposition to know how lucky we are or have been?

I now see, that this is why it’s so important to live as fully in the present as possible. To dwell in the past or plan too far in an unpromised future only robs us of the most precious present. Even if the present is a crazy storm, we are so lucky to experience all that it brings. Sure, I might feel a bit tossed but I see the rainbow. I may have tears streaming down my face but who can tell when you’re raining buckets?

For while I’m alive, let me live fiercly and beautifully…even if I’m dancing in the rain!


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