Could it be that in this measure of time
I am already the
of everything I may accomplish in this,
the whole of my life?

If I were on track to win the
Nobel Prize,
but died today;
wouldn’t I have still contributed
in an award winning way?

My death doesn’t change that fact.

“But what about all that you could have continued to do?”, you might ask.

Is it possible that, upon our death,
our thoughts
scatter across that measure of time,
like rocks skipping across the water,
creating a ripple effect
for each point of contact
between the rocks and the water?

If I am the container,
then upon my death,
the container no longer exists.
What then, happens to the

Do they simply evaporate,
into thin air, or
“POOF”, disappear,
as if they never existed?
Maybe they shine and radiate
for some time, after our container is

Doesn’t science tell us that
for every action,
there is a reaction?

Wouldn’t it make sense then, that
the energy of every thought I have,
and every bit of knowledge I gain,
there is a consequence to that energy, however
BIG or small?

Could the death of a human be like that
of a star?
Is it possible that at the point of death,
we release an immense amount of energy?

Is it, further, possible that some of
the energy is emitted in the form of
and intentions?
All of which could then be absorbed by a similar mass….human?
Doesn’t all thought, knowledge, and
intentions expand, regardless of whose body it happens to live in, at that moment?

It is a romantic notion, at least,
and one that could inspire.

This moment,
this measure of time,
is, in fact, the whole of our lives…..

So live it well.

⏳The Crazy Celt 💚


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