Life is like being a summit seeker…there are many paths to the same destination. Some are more difficult than others and while achieving your goal is powerfully gratifying and worth it, you cannot live there forever. It’s simply unsustainable.  Therefore, it is important to set new goals, push the limitations of your mind and expand your boundaries. Each journey will be different and important, and even if it doesn’t go as planned; each obstacle should be mined like a gem and placed in the crown of experience. These are the treasures that lead to a well lived, well rounded journey, regardless of reaching every summit.
We are all explorers…tread lightly on the ever changing landscape of your life. Take what you need and give back what you can. Never lose sight of your goals and dreams, yet be fluid enough to
adapt to change. Strive for balance; and live with wonder in your eyes, joy in your heart and peace in your soul!
To the journey my friends! Onward! 💚 The Crazy Celt



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