She sat along the window seat, gazing through the crystal, watching as the bees danced from flower to flower in the lavender lilac bush outside. The window didn’t open, but she knew the sweet aromatic smell so well, she could smell the lilacs by simply seeing them.

From this window she could go on as many adventures as she wanted to. She could fly, breath under water, climb beanstalks, sail upon the sea, and speak to the animals.

Then, as her abundant adventures would grow long and the golden light, gently filtered through the glass of the window seat, the sun would wrap his warm and loving rays around the child, and she would drift off into a deep sleep. Many times, her sleep would lead
to a place where her adventures would continue. Between her imagination and her dreams, there were no borders or boundaries; they gently waxed and waned with seamless uninterruption.

On one of her adventures she had met a bubbly little fairy who introduced her to the trees. The gigantic trees spoke to her as if they were her guardians, and had known her since birth. It was among the trees that she, later, learned to face her fears and become courageous, all while developing love, loyalty and purpose.

She was a dainty, quiet little creature, with caramel colored hair that fell prettily around her face. It framed the childs eyes which were green with brownish-gold flecks, although her eyes could magically change to blue or gray, just as easily as they could remain green. People often wondered why her parents would have given her a name like Trouble, because it just didn’t seem to fit. Yes, they wondered alright, but sheepishly, they never asked.

This, of course, didn’t stop them from guessing the reason why. People would speculate; “Maybe the mother had a difficult pregnancy…”
“Perhaps it’s a joke…”
“I bet it’s a name that has been passed down through generations.”
Of course, no matter what creative guesses people made, they were just that, guesses, and none of them were correct, but they never knew that. So the guesses continued on and on.

The little girl had never questioned her name, however, Trouble was about to turn 8 years old and she was beginning to understand that, indeed, her name was peculiar. Even though her parents, siblings and friends all called her “T”, she had the beginning stages of a curiosity that would only grow over time.

Trouble’s curiosity would not get the best of her on this day though, for she was already drifting into an adventure that would keep her quite busy for a little while.

It all begins with the bees and the Lilac Bush…..


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