First Step (#1)

There she stood in the doorway, ready to make, what could possibly be the biggest and most substantial step of her life.

She knew that she could not look back. It was full of chalkboard dust, that was once the equations that formulated her life, but it was outdated and outmoded material. None of it made sense anymore. None of it spoke the truth of where she was in this defining moment of her life.

It was beyond confusing. It was beyond frustrating. It was beyond painful and although it scared her to death, it was beyond exciting.

How could she go forward to create a new story? Everything she knew was gone. Nothing was familiar anymore. She could no longer draw from past experiences, for none of her past could serve her. Her past could only bring her pain.

The slate had been wiped clean. This was something she had longed for but now that it was done, it was daunting to clamor the strength to take that first step into the unknown.

Would she get lost? Would she drown? Who would come to her aid if she simply disappeared into the abyss?

Her heart was pounding and the hairs stood up on the back of her neck. Her eyes filled with overwhelming tears as she searched for something familiar. Anything familiar. Even if it was painful, at least it would be something she remembered.

There was nothing to grasp onto and as uncomfortable as it was, she knew she was exactly where she needed to be.

As she drew in a deep and courageous breath, her foot fell forward and became the first, biggest and most profound step into her new life.

No compromise, no regrets, and no apologies.

She, all at once, had begun again.

My heart on a platter,
🍀The Crazy Celt 💚


2 thoughts on “First Step (#1)

  1. You write very well and I believe Bil Gekas would be very proud of you! An adventurous spirit if I ever saw one. Go for it Trace, you only are limited by your own fears and what is fear? Usually it is a false conception that if given in to can hold you back from accomplishment! Use it as a barometer but never as a controller!

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