Laundry (An Adventure Story)


I am an adventure seeker. With a blog called The Crazy Celt, you may have already assumed that. Only problem is that adventures, a lot of the time, cost money and take time and being a single parent with kids in school, it can be difficult. Difficult but not impossible. It forces me to find adventure in the most ordinary things I do, like exercise, household projects, grocery shopping and yes, even laundry. The key is, you have to give life to the adventure……unless you’re me, because CRAZY always finds its way into my life. That is true, but I really do try to look at life through curious eyes. Remember the old saying, “If you’re bored, you’re boring.”? I find it to be true, so I really enjoy trying new things. As it turns out, it’s a wonderful way to invite adventure into your life.

I’ve always loved photography and as of late, I’ve become much more serious about it and have gotten involved with National Geographic ‘ s Your Shot Assignments and the latest assignment is ‘Capturing Action’.  When I think of ‘action’, I think of sports, dancing or adventure but then the Editor posted an update on assignment direction and it painted a bigger picture for me that broadened my idea of the word. In fact, it made me realize that life is literally a series of actions strung together. Which brings me to my lovely lump of laundry….

Usually I research, study or work on new projects to fill in the space while doing laundry and this particular day my mind was on the ‘Capturing Action’ Assignment, when all of a sudden, the bold colors of my laundry in motion caught my eyes. My own mind fought against me. What a rediculous thought to photograph my families dirty articles of clothing being spun around in soapy water. Right? I did it anyway. I realized in that moment that if I stifle my own creative thoughts, I’d never expand my own creativity and adventurous spirit in the way I speak about living my life. After all its a process, not a destination. Not every idea is going to be a home run to the many, but each idea that is realized will certainly help grow and shape the expanding creative mind of its owner. The only true failures in life are the untold stories, the unrealized dreams, the unsung songs, the unseen photographs, the unwalked trails, the unsplashed puddles and the unlived life.

Opportunities for personal growth, happiness and adventure are infinite. Even in the soiled articles of clothing many despise dealing with. Seek and you shall find. The answers are in the ever tiny, often mundane details of our fragile, messy, brilliant lives. If you can greet each day with curious eyes of wonderment, the joy can’t help but ooze from your soul.
Adventure on!

♈-The Crazy Celt💚

Photograph by Tracey Hope McKibbin


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