Sometimes I feel like I’m in a dream within a spherical nightmare. The landscape is full of ominous rabbit holes with an array of destinations. One may be politics, another religion; or socioeconomic status, race and gender. Of course we can’t leave out science, whether it’s global warming, space exploration or the search for the “God” (cringe) Particle….I mean Higgs boson.

Each of these topics are twisted and complex, and it seems the deeper one gets, into any of them, the more toxic the atmosphere becomes. Got to love “Social” Media. The negativity can become so thick and poisonous it’s hard to breath.

Yet, with Tin Gods and Divas leading the crusade into any one of these chambers of darkness, there are great masses that willingly follow. Almost like pigs, in a trance, on a conveyor belt; falling through the unasked questions, only to be ground up and encapsulated….reformed into non-thinkers.

Have our minds become so diluted by media hype and fear tactics that we live out of the realm of reason, and instead, live on the razors edge, emotionally regurgitating the absurd?

Tin Gods and Divas have, sadly, become the new HERO. Branded and promoted to a point that persuasion has become dogma and our thoughts are no longer our own.

How unbelievably sad this is, when our thoughts are the seeds of our soul. What a huge responsibility, when those seeds of thoughts filter and formulate words, whether spoken or written. They go on to become trees of life and bare fruit that will either nurish or poison those that partake.

Why are people so willing to just accept lies, rumor and partial truths as facts? No equation can be solved in this manner.
I suppose it’s because it’s easy and requires no effort or work. God knows, seeking the truth is rarely an easy process and always requires a great deal of effort and work. I can only deduce that some people are more comfortable living a lie, because of laziness, lack of courage and conviction.

I could draw the same conclusion for those people who resort to name calling and verbal or physical assault tactics, when met with a person of opposing beliefs. To intelligently and peacefully debate or communicate requires facts, which takes work.

Intimidation feeds the ego, while intelligent and peaceful communication requires facts, composure, and a desire for a common good.
No wonder Tin Gods and Divas have set intimidation as the new doctrine, and no wonder the mindless follow suit.

Will this sliver of time go down in history as being the age of
Tin Gods, Divas and Zombies?
Sadly, this sounds like a new reality TV Show…..

One thought at a time,
🍀The Crazy Celt 💚


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