In light of your recent and profound ignorance, I feel the need to speak to you.

Personally, I hate politics because of its adept talent for posing as something it’s not, like; “good” vs. evil or “right” vs. wrong, but let’s get this straight right off the bat…..
this isn’t politics, this is a very serious human rights issue.

Even though you can slap a pretty name on this like, The ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill, it’s still not enough smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that this is pure and simply an act of discrimination!

It is mind boggling to me that anything this archaic and ethically perverse could, not only exist, but be validated and placed into law.

Gov. Phil Btyant, you are entrusted by your State to do the right thing, and to say that you have failed would not even come close to describing the level of incompetence you have displayed.

Isn’t someone of your stature supposed to have the knowledge and wisdom to foresee what a miserable and cowardice action, like you’ve taken, would lead to?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this single act of hatred will only lead to more hatred. It only seems fair that you sir, should be held personally responsible for any hate crime that stems from this bill.

In a Nation that is screaming for possitive leadership, you are negligent and have shirked your responsibility.

You have opened a box of inequality and discrimination while delivering an invitation to hateful acts, which can only add to the division of a Nation that is already drowning in seperatism.

All in the name of Religion!

Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of people, like you, who hide behind Religion to justify their inability to be tolerant of people who think and act differently from you. I’d go so far as to say that God is probably fed up with it too.

Congratulations for putting a spotlight on your State and the glaring disfunction and utter chaos you all are in.
A wiser and more responsible choice would probably have been to use your time and energy on fixing the many areas of deficiency your State is suffering from.

Gov. Bryant, you may want to reopen a science textbook and review the concept of action and reaction although I’m quite sure you are already getting schooled on the subject, quite literally. It’s a shame that your entire State will pay for your inability to be a leader of any worth.

Ironically, you may want to be a Philly instead of a Phil when this is done.
Good luck with that. 😉

Yours truly,
😈The Crazy, angry Celt 💚


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