Be Kind




Kindness is one of those acts that encompasses so much more than itself.
Patience, compassion and tolerance are just a few that come to mind and each pearl is packed with power.
Sometimes the act of kindness involves such care and restraint from ourselves that the greatest possitive impact, ultimately falls on the giver.
Kindness is truly a gift and as with any gift giving, there should be no expectations of how it’s received or responded to, as this can only cause the gift giver grief and disappointment.
Its always helpful if we can remember that how a person responds, is usually a clear indicator of what is happening for them internally and may have nothing to do with you.
There are those beautiful moments when an act of kindness is so powerful that you can see a person go from being guarded and rigid to soft and accepting.
You never know how deeply positive you may effect someone with a single act of kindness and that person may be you.

♈The Crazy Celt 💚


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