fb_img_1453911953332.jpgForgetful minds
Forging egos
Longing hearts
Standing on a razors edge
Running the unbeatable race
Collapsing into an abyss of wonder

Celebration and Heartache
The fleeting reminders of the peaks and valleys that carve out the spaces between the mundane, comatose, everyday flatline we call life.

Do, do, do; want, want, want
Have, have, have. En core, En core!
Again, again! From the top!
……over and over again……
Till time stands still for the many
While crossing the threshold
To meet the lover who had never been met
Never realizing that from breath one
The foot fell forward, one at a time….
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow
Approaching the institution to
Walk the isle of woe.

The pace quickens at the finish line
Arms outstretched, panic ensues
Flashing bulbs, frame by frame
Each still, lays like a distinctive rock on a cobble stone road. Click, click, flash…faster and louder till……..
Silence and calm settles in
Provoking a glance from once fearful eyes

The lover stands patiently
But is now cloked under a veil of white
Blurry words sound like wedding vows
Dread has left and peace has entered
“I will take you for better or worse.”
The words seemed to drip off the lovers lips, as if into a cavern filled with water as clear as air. Where each drop echoed to infinity, weightless and free.

Finally content to just be, the veil was lifted and ALL became clear.
“I am becoming death.”
My words drifted into space
“You must cross the threshold. ”
The lover spoke from an unfamiliar darkness, as if from the moments before creation.

All at once, my forgetful mind
Remembered everything
My ego, fell away and
My heart did not long to beat another beat…..I was ready.

Before I crossed, I looked back, one last time.
The peaks and valleys now appeared to me as the excitable adventures they truly were and what I had thought of as mundane, was this beautiful, brilliantly colored, silky ribbon that laced it all together. The end of the ribbon, my true flatline, was filled with loved ones. I could see their sadness, tears and pain….
NOW I understood why we have forgetful minds, forging egos and longing hearts
Life MUST find a way to go on.

As I turned to cross the threshold, I felt grateful for everything and for finally understanding…..and what was waiting for me on the other side, I could never have imagined! And I don’t like ruining surprises but I will say this….
It was a reunion of THE greatest kind!
Best of all, you don’t have to worry about what to wear because everyone is dressed in LIGHT.

In the end, becoming death, wasn’t so bad after all.

♈-The Crazy Celt💚

Photograph by Tracey Hope McKibbin


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