Ah, beautiful, sweet surrender.
While life is synonymous with change, there is not always ease of action to flow with that change. Whether we fight to hang on or fight to let go, it’s the fight to do either that becomes exhausting.

I’ve found that to truly come to a place of acceptance requires us to go through a process and part of that process is to surrender. Unfortunately, many people view surrendering as a negative, passive and ultimately weak course of action but nothing could be less true.

Surrendering, I have found, is one of the most profound and courageous acts we can ever choose to do. It doesn’t mean we have to like or agree with whatever is going on but it allows us to put our feet back on the ground and take a break from trying desperately to run the Universe. The sooner we realize that we can’t control everything, the happier we become. The sooner we are happy not to control everything, the more at peace we are with the flow of change.

I’ve also come to realize that surrendering has less to do with any particular event or change that is occurring and more to do with how those things effect us and how we feel. When we give ourselves permission to observe and honor our feelings, we open ourselves up to the opportunities of the greatest change and transformation in life.

To surrender allows us to win the biggest battles of them all and those battles are always within the self.

♈The Crazy Celt 💚


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