We are all voyagers within this flow of spacetime; all with a specific digit of sand grains to our name. Many will travel to distant places, far beyond the boundaries of home. Even more will stay within the confines of what is familiar and seemingly safe. How interesting to realize that whichever path is chosen, the real borders that should be explored, conquered, and expanded, are the ones within our own mind and heart. While many people may know me, there are very few who understand me, and even fewer who will mark the passport to enter my heart.

So, this Voyager may travel alone, but I am not lonely.

This Voyager may travel in darkness, but when faced and traveled through, I know light will always prevail….and this Voyager may see no land in sight, but conviction keeps a steady sail…and home is where my heart is, till the sand grains become the stars.

☄The Crazy Celt 


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