The heart and mind are as vast as the universe 
Yet so many cling to the safety of the shores, that is their life

Perplexed by their own boredom 

Frantically scurrying about

Searching for the “thing” that will cure this infliction

Temporarily pacified by the person who pays them a little attention

Or buying things they don’t need

Working an unbalanced amount of time, saving for the adventure that never comes

Only to utilize those funds for becoming ill, from living an unbalanced life 

It’s an epidemic that disguises itself as “love”, “loyalty” or “ambition”

When the reality is, they are anchors we cling to

Fearing to let go of what makes us  “comfortable” ….

It’s in the silent, lonely corners of our life where real gems are found

And if we’re brave enough to adventure

We will find the truth of who we are

Great and fearless explorers
Adventure on!💚


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