Why won’t you take your leave of me

I do not like your company

You hang around me day and night

It matters not how much I fight

Indeed there are times you quiet down

But I know full well you lurk around

There are times I am able to escape from your chains

Yet I’m never truly able to fully regain

My independence, my freedom, like before you existed

I fear that your weight can never be lifted

And so I’ve tried very hard to embrace 

The reality of you in my life and my space

How could something so serious; a tyrant like you

Remain such a mystery, with no answers and few clues

So many times I want to concede and give up

Yet the fire inside me, will never let up

I’m too feisty, too positive, to let you take me down

I’ll face every challenge; adapt and overcome

So, you can walk along side me as long as you like

But you’ll never own me, no matter how hard you strike

I will not wait around while you conjure your plan

I will go on living the best that I can 

I will laugh, and I will love, and I’ll continue to dream

You picked the wrong person, for I like the extreme

And if you are with me till the last breath I take

I will smile as I leave you, just know that is your fate!

💚The Crazy Celt 


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