My looming shadow, so dark with despair 

Creeps up without warning, it’s just not fair

Never enough rest, my fatigue lingers on

Stealing precious time, till the moment I’m gone

I feel like the Tin Man, unbendable and stiff

The pain is unbearable, hang onto hope, a cure, yes, the “what if”    

But for now there is no end to this war inside that I fight

Silent tears I do cry, if you could only understand, my health is my plight 

No one asks for this burden; trust when I say

I fake feeling good, just to make it thru the day

I’ve had enough of shrugs, cock-eyed looks, assuming lies

If you walked in my shoes, you could only despise 

Yourself and your judgement, all tangled in spite

Yet I will never give up, this long lonely fight

Here in the darkness, this shadow clings on

Till I’ve run out of energy, and the moment is gone     

Fading back into sleep, where I dream I can fly

Despite this dark shadow, among the clouds in the sky

Let me dance here forever, there is peace in this rest

I promise to never give up, and always do my best         

Some battles will be won, while many others are lost; “friends”, careers, identity….’who am I? ‘

I am the one with the shadow

Invisible Me 

Standing strong till the end

Right here I will be

Dream, Live, Do and never give up hope.

💚The Crazy Celt 



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