What I want you to know about my journey with invisible illness: I want you to know that I suffer every single day, some more than others. This, for now, has no cure. This is not a cold or flu or bacterial infection that doctors can throw antibiotics at. I won’t magically be “all better” in a week or two. On the contrary, I am always surprised by the next new symptom that manifests. Yes, I suffer and there is no cure, but that doesn’t mean I give up hope. This is why it’s so very important for me to continue to do the things that nurture my soul and hiking, being in nature, photography and writing are the things that do that for me. Invisible Illness has been with me for over half my life and unfortunately, now I’m outnumbered by them, but I still get up and stare them down and fight the good fight every single day. While there was a time I desperately wanted people to understand, or just wanted to remain “normal” and do all the things I normally did, today is not that day. I am too busy caring for my body and mind to worry about anyone else’s ignorance and judgements about me and what I’m dealing with. We all carry burdens, mine just happens to be one that I can never put down. It’s like carrying a heavy backpack and never being able to take it off to rest. So if I am grumpy or extra sensitive, please do forgive me, but if you choose to judge me, that’s on you, because even the smallest amount of knowledge you might choose to understand, is like taking a pebble or stone from my pack…even if it’s only for a moment, and that would be just grand.
#InvisibleIllness #hashimotosdisease #fibromyalgia #chronicfatigue #autoimmunedisease #lupus #adventurer #mountainhiking #photography #writing #inspiration #dreamlivedo #courage #hope


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