Wisdom begins with wonder.


Isn’t that the truth. It can be so easy to get caught up in life and what’s familiar or mundane, and it washes the sparkle away from the eyes. The problem with this is that we risk the danger of taking things for granted when we go into autopilot, like this. I work with diligence and purpose every day to make sure I no longer fall into this trap. It is an illusion and can lead us to do some very destructive things, without even being aware of it. I say it’s an illusion because we are bound by time, and because of this, every millisecond, something is changing, and therefore new. When we can view life in this way it allows every moment to hold a seed of opportunity, thereby changing ones view of life. The paradigm shift. Don’t let life escape you by being on autopilot. Dream, Live, Do and have a great day!

💚The Crazy Celt 

#photography #adventurer #inspiration #philosophy #life #courage #dreamlivedo #TheCrazyCelt 


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