I love the analogy of the rivers flow to life….It may flow easily at times, while it may get dammed at others, with the flow almost coming to a complete stop. Of course when this happens, there is bound to be erosion  or damage that occurs, however, it can’t stay dammed forever. Sooner or later, sometimes through disastrous floods, the dam will break and the flow will resume it’s course; even if the course has slightly changed. There may also be dry periods, where the flow is weak, and may seem more like a stream than river. My favorite is spring and early summer, although every season has its importance, when the water is not flowing, but raging, with passion, to meet its destination….it’s destiny….wherever that may be. The wonderful thing to know and understand is that to have a healthy river it must include all of the facets I’ve mentioned, for they all have a significant purpose. 
So, regardless of where you are in your journey, be kind to yourself and know that it all has purpose and meaning. Your only job is to go with the flow and become aware when it’s you and not life that’s creating the blockage. Either way, there’s always something to be learned.

Keep on keepin’ on!

💚 The Crazy Celt 

#photography #adventurer #mountainhiking #sequoianationalpark #tularecounty #philosophy #life #courage #inspiration


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