A birthday message to my daughter. 

Love is powerfully moving, and like the break of dawn, when the sun is just cresting the horizon; it is so beautifully brilliant, and produces such a palpable energy that, when focused on, can lift the most sullen of spirits. 

This was how I felt when I gave birth to my first daughter. If she was a boy, the name would have been Jacob, and when she was delivered the umbilical cord was between her legs….they finally said, “It’s a girl!”.

I, after 36 hours of grueling, natural labor yelled, “We had a Hope! We had a Hope!”

Nothing has changed in 25 years of her existence. There is still an all consuming love, there is energy, and inspiration. Hope, may you continue to radiate your beautiful brilliance and receive it back in ten fold during this 25th year of life. 

All my love, Mom


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