Her perception of life was unique and a bit eccentric; an old soul, some would say. She had been through more than most people could ever handle, without giving up or going insane; but giving up was not in her nature, and as for sanity….well, she believed it was a relative term, and that it was a bit overrated. In any case, she relished in being different.

Her gypsy soul started with fresh eyes every single day. The same scenery always looked different to her, because in her mind, it was. Where she had once struggled with vitality, the World had become her oyster; gifting her frequently with lavish pearls, and life had become sweeter than honey, dripping from its comb. This wasn’t because she got everything she had ever wanted, dreamt, or hoped for….no, that wasn’t it at all. It was because she had learned to trust the process of her life.

Here’s to trusting the process.
💚The Crazy Celt


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