I’ve done my fair share of lecturing over the years, and honestly, it comes with its fair share of glory and mudd. The great thing is, I happen to like mudd; when it’s honest. Glory, I’ve found, can be a bit overrated.
The common idea I write about is choice, and we have many, everyday.

In this series, I will attempt to broach on difficult subjects by focusing on the simple, yet profound words we commonly throw around like; dignity, respect, loyalty, truth and honor.

We are in an emotionally volitile time in the Americas, and as a World Leader (something non of us should take lightly or without gratitude), we need to embrace the words we use and look in the mirror to be sure that we are able to say them with the grace, in which we stand.

My first piece will be on dignity and respect. Please feel free to post your hopes and fears, or words our World should be living by. This is good communication, which will be another word I will focus on in this series.

“It is always a beautiful thing when something greater than ourselves gets in the way of our tadpole thinking.” -Ya…that would be me sayin’ that craziness. 😉

Look for my first post on Thursday.

To the journey my friends!
💚The Crazy Celt


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