I have a deep admiration for nature, in all its calm and chaos.

I had planned on going out and shooting the sunset on May 1st because there were fantastic clouds in the sky and they become a character, of their own, within the frame. When I got on the road I realized I was in for much more than a sunset.

I reached my shoot location and as soon as I stepped out of my vehicle my eyes began to swell. The wind was so intense and full of dust particulates, pollen and debris, my allergies went crazy. Of course being wide-eyed with a camera glued to my face didn’t help matters.

All said and done, it was worth it. To see mother nature in all her energetic fury was inspiring. I admire the way she can balance herself by having these kind of chaotic moments. In my mind, it resembles the life of a human being. Glorious, chaotic and messy.


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