Reflecting on life can produce an array of emotions that run the gammit from possitive to negative and excitement to downright horrifying and yet it’s such a necessary part of our life. So many of the decisions we make require some level of reflection, which is why kids learn so quickly.

Maybe I shouldn’t touched that stove for a second time.👆

Then, as adults, who sometimes sleepwalk through life, habits are formed and some of those habits, we reluctantly decide, we don’t want to maintain.

Maybe I shouldn’t touch that stove for the 999,999th time….💡

Those habits that we no longer want to maintain, often times, motivate many of us to partake in a huge, traditional overhaul of our lives. That deep, year end reflection produces the, almost always, anticlimactic New Years Resolutions. Have you ever reflected on the resolutions you’ve made year after year but just can’t seem to stick to?

Maybe I shouldn’t touch that stove for the 1,000,000th time….DANG IT!🔥

I don’t recommend it, as it’s rather depressing.  In fact I gave up on that year end overhaul of my life many years ago for that reason, however, you can trust that I do plenty of reflecting.

Now, most of the time, I prefer babysteps and bite sized pieces rather than jumping into an abyss, head first or using a Zamboni rather than a spoon to eat. Of course, because I’m Irish, Norwegian AND an Aries, you can assume that this wisdom came through A LOT of trial and error.
All that said, the point is that now, I like to reflect daily, weekly and monthly.

The fact that I was a Personal Trainer for years, taught me, very well, how to set long term goals and the necessity of having short, attainable goals, as stepping stones. We need to feel successful, along the way, to keep the fire of inspiration and motivation alive.

Yay! I didn’t touch the stove today!🌟

Then, being in the Fire Service and in command of emergency incidents, that taught me the importance of constant situational awareness and reassessment, as well as, the importance of adapting and overcoming any issue that may sneak up.

I see the stove and am touching it because it’s off.💣 Who turned the stove on?💥 Now I have a 3rd degree burn.😲 Thank goodness I can treat myself with first aid.🏥

Let’s face it, life can throw us curve balls we’re not expecting but if we have a plan in place to deal with it, it makes it much easier to face head on.

Personal reflection can be a profound experience and is a great way to get to know yourself. We all have traits we like or dislike within ourselves and those things can be addressed through reflection. Just remember….babysteps and bite sized pieces. Be kind to yourself and have a good sense of humor. If all else fails, go to my menu and look up LAUGH and remind yourself how important it is to do so.

A note on the photograph;
I took this image at a place known as
The Brick Yard, in Exeter. This pond is unbelievably polluted and is known for its 3 eyed fish, with other deformities.
Kind of ironic that it produced this beautiful reflection. 😉

Have a great weekend!
🍀The Crazy Celt 💚


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