I believe that personal growth is a choice. I believe that it’s something we must purposely seek and willingly participate in. No matter what, the small grains of sand continue to slip through the tiny portal to end up as time gone by.
The real act of courage is to give meaning and purpose to each granular universe before it slips on by. This, of course, includes time doing nothing, because that is important too. The key to that is being aware of it and doing “nothing” with  intention.
There’s a great saying, although I’m not sure who said it, but it states,
“Do without doing and all gets done.”
Observing nature is probably the greatest example of that notion.
There are no better teachers than the council of the pines.
I guess the point is that indeed we do grow, even if we’re unwilling participants. It’s how we grow that is completely up to us.
To the journey my friends.
Soldier on….

♈The Crazy Celt 💚


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